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SVN repos with spaces allow for browsing but not file viewing

Added by Oliver Robson about 5 years ago.

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Our Subversion repository naming structure incorporates spaces in it (http://some.url/svn/repo with spaces/), and it seems this is not working perfectly in Redmine. I can see the files within the repository, however if I try and view a file or the diff of a file, I get a "404 The entry or revision was not found in the repository.". If I try the same thing with a different repository with no spaces in the name, it works as I believe it should (can view / diff files). Interestingly, if I go to a specific revision and 'View differences' it will do a diff of all of the changes in that revision perfectly fine, it's only upon diffing / viewing a single file that it fails.

I have tried replacing the spaces with %20, however this stops me being able to browse the repo at all. I have tried putting the repo string in quotes, however this is not accepted by Redmine as quotes are considered an invalid character in that box.

Having a space in a file name doesn't cause any issues with regards to viewing / diffing, it's just with the repo itself.

The resolution in #7505 shows the repo browsing to be working as intended (like it is for me), however upon attempting to view those files in Redmine is where the issue appears.

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