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Add label to custom fields

Added by Jan Niggemann (redmine.org team member) over 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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I have lots of trackers, each one having multiple custom fields.
To be able to quickly distinguish them, one could use a naming scheme such as "tracker_fieldname".
But: The content of the field "name" that also serves as the label shown next to said custom field in the assigned tracker.

It would be good to have separate fields for "name" and "label", with "name" being what is shown to the administrating custom fields, and "label" being the text shown next to the field in the trackers.
Adding a separate "label" field that would only be shown if it's non-empty would permit backward compatibility.


#1 Updated by Hans Kaiser over 4 years ago


#2 Updated by Darko Palic over 4 years ago

also the labels could be in this way easier internationalized. But the major requirement is to have a long human readable name of the field, which is often hard to accomplish with a technical name (instead with the label)

Also if you check the other Issue trackers on the market, most of them have this separation of name and label for a good UX for end users

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