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Maybe we could gain some speed by using the caching features on Gears. And offline mode would be awesome!

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Updated by Eric Davis over 15 years ago

This could be useful but (speaking for myself only) I wouldn't want to invest a large amount of time into a feature that depends on a third party. If there is a way to just drop in Gear support (like ow Gravatar drops in), I'd be open to the idea.

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Updated by Shane Simmons over 15 years ago

offline support would be awesome.

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Updated by Greg Green about 15 years ago

Indeed offline support would be very nice, especially when redmine is used with a distributed version control system.
Even read-only offline support for issues would be helpful.

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Updated by Ludovic Aelbrecht about 15 years ago

Maybe this issue has to be renamed (is renaming possible in Redmine?) from "Implement Google Gears Support" to something like "implement offline support", as Gears is just one technology to support offline usage. Zimbra for instance use standard W3C features to work offline. A description of technologies used for this (e.g. DOM Storage, offline/online events,...) and links to docs can be seen at for instance

This would be a very nice feature, but it probably requires quite some work, and Redmine has more pressing issues then this, I think. But just thought I'd add the info, should anyone ever want to look into this.

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Updated by Eric Davis almost 15 years ago

  • Subject changed from Implement Google Gears support to Offline Support
  • Priority changed from Normal to Low

I agree, this would be a nice feature but I think there are more pressing issues first. Though if someone wants to take this feature and create a patch, I'd be happy to review it.

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Updated by Paolo Montrasio about 13 years ago

I'd love to be able to access the wiki pages and the issues of some selected projects. Read-only access would be enough to start with.

Thinking about the implementation, I wonder how to go from the login page to the wiki and issue pages if I'm offline. I think we need to cache lots of different data, html, css and javascript.


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