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17:45 Redmine Feature #12228: JRuby 1.7.2 support
When using JRuby 1.7.0 and setting the account Language to Simplified Chinese, an internal error occurred on the Admi... xt zhang


11:18 Redmine Feature #2728: Offline Support
+1 xt zhang


19:09 Redmine Feature #4355: Configurable email alert settings
+1 xt zhang
19:06 Redmine Feature #5862: Additional email notification preferences
Jim Naslund wrote:
> It would be useful to have two more options that individual users can set:
> 1) "Never"
> 2) ...
xt zhang
18:38 Redmine Patch #4572: Make it harder to ruin your database
Eric Davis wrote:
> Alexey Palazhchenko wrote:
> > Eric, I think you forgot about test_pgsql and test_sqlite3… That...
xt zhang


05:03 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Why the 0.9.5 is delayed?
It released.
I'd like to wait the 1.0 now.
Hope the 1.0 would not be delayed.
xt zhang
05:01 Redmine Feature #2850: Add next/previous navigation to issue
+1 xt zhang


06:09 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Why the 0.9.5 is delayed?
Thom Brown wrote:
> Yes, I haven't seen activity by him in 3 weeks. I hope the guy's okay. I'll be educating mysel...
xt zhang


01:57 Redmine Open discussion: RE: HOWTO create a table in the wiki
Really useful.
xt zhang
01:53 Redmine Open discussion: Why the 0.9.5 is delayed?
May I ask why?
Did something happen? Or just because those issues are difficult?
It seems like that there was no ...
xt zhang

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