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Support for plain HTML code in Wiki

Added by Wolfgang S. Kechel almost 14 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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I'd like to have support for plain HTML in the Wiki to be able to use tables and other stuff currently not supported by the markups.
Maybe something like {{{HMTL ... }}} can be used to put HTML code directly in the WiKi.

Usage Example:



#1 Updated by Jérémie Delaitre almost 14 years ago

Using plain HTML is a must have for us too...

#2 Updated by Dieter Egert about 11 years ago

upto now you have 2 possibilities to use HTML in redmine's wiki:

Plugin 'Redmine Wiki HTML Util'
Allows you to embedd RAW HTML into your wiki, load stylesheets and javascript.
Made for html/css/js by Arlo Carreon (http://www.arlocarreon.com/blog/redmine/redmine-wiki-html-utility )
Creates new macros html() css_url() js_url()

Extended HTML-formatting in redmine:
your Administrator needs to change
self.filter_styles=false ( in /lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/textile/formatter.rb )
(source: http://docs.redmight.com/projects/1/wiki/5_Formatting_tips_and_tricks )
Then this works:
p{html-code}. text block

It would be nice, just to allow these functionalitites in the base code of redmine.

#3 Updated by Terence Mill over 10 years ago

I think this could be dangerous in terms of security.
Someone could inject code, an do e.g cross site scripting.

Ever owner of a domain should pay attention to offer such features to user's

#4 Updated by Go MAEDA about 3 years ago

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