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Add mailing lists

Added by Daniel Berger over 15 years ago. Updated about 14 years ago.

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As we talked about in the discussion forum, please add mailing list support, with the ability to search mailing list




#1 Updated by Jos Yule almost 15 years ago

I would add that looking at how Roundup (a python based issue
tracker) deals with emails/mailing lists could provide some
interesting contrast to how they usually work.


#2 Updated by Kit Plummer over 14 years ago

I know there a branch for the mailing_list stuff. Just curious what the state is...and if you need to someone to work it.

#3 Updated by Paul Rivier over 14 years ago

Also look at the Debian bug tracking system, if you plan to implement this. http://www.debian.org/Bugs/
GNUEmacs just started to use it as well, so fresh newcomers experience can be found on emacs-devel mailing list archive.
I also enjoy email integration in BTS, but I know it is a really non-trivial issue. MANY things can be learned from existing systems.

@Daniel: please link to the forum thread you'ra talking about.

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