Defect #27812

Typo in rdm-mailhandler.rb: s/subadress/subaddress/

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Category:Email receiving
Target version:4.0.0
Resolution:Fixed Affected version:


Index: extra/mail_handler/rdm-mailhandler.rb
--- extra/mail_handler/rdm-mailhandler.rb    (revision 17115)
+++ extra/mail_handler/rdm-mailhandler.rb    (working copy)
@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@
                                               "user") { |v| self.no_notification = '1'}
       opts.separator("Issue attributes control options:")
-      opts.on(      "--project-from-subaddress ADDR", "select project from subadress of ADDR found",
+      opts.on(      "--project-from-subaddress ADDR", "select project from subaddress of ADDR found",
                                               "in To, Cc, Bcc headers") {|v| self.project_from_subaddress = v}
       opts.on("-p", "--project PROJECT",      "identifier of the target project") {|v| self.issue_attributes['project'] = v}
       opts.on("-s", "--status STATUS",        "name of the target status") {|v| self.issue_attributes['status'] = v}

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Revision 17120
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Fix typo in rdm-mailhandler.rb: s/subadress/subaddress/ (#27812)


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