Defect #29643

Issue filter broken for custom fields that are 'remote'

Added by Sebastian Paluch almost 4 years ago.

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Resolution: Affected version:3.4.4


The issue filtering is broken for all plugins that provides a custom queries implementation.

Example... when a plugin creates new tab with customized issue filtering, it may implement new query class that inherits from IssueQuery.

Unfortunately, the changes made for task #24787 in r16170 breaks this.

This is because the queries_controller in the def filter is using get_subclass to figure out the actual query requesting values for the filter. The get_subclass is called on Query class and it uses subclasses to check if requested class is a Query. Unfortunately subclasses return only direct subclasses.

This way, it is not possible now do customize any existing query class and all plugins that do so stopped working.

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