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01:03 Redmine Feature #15180: Start date on versions
Is there any progress on this? It would be such improvement having this done, ether option 2 or 3 :)


21:51 Redmine Feature #33631 (New): Custom fields totals fro parent-child issues
When we have a parent-child issue relation, some of the standard fields are calculated based on child issues. For fie...


20:26 Redmine Defect #33576: Done ratio of a parent issue may be shown as 99% even though all subtasks are comp...
There are also other issues in Done ration calculation #21449


23:28 Redmine Defect #33499: Issue filter "Subproject" does not work
> Jean-Phillipe Lang said that "this is not a bug but a design choice" in #2512#note-3.
OK, but this is very very ...


21:42 Redmine Defect #33499 (Closed): Issue filter "Subproject" does not work
Issue filter "Subproject" does not work. Looks like whatever is set, is ignored and issues from all subprojects are s...


22:47 Redmine Defect #21449: Automatic done ratio calculation in issue tree is wrong when parent has its own es...
This issue still exists in Redmine 4.1.0 and this is big issue. Don't know why none complains about this.
22:40 Redmine Defect #28409: Total estimated time value not visible when tracker has estimate time field disabled
Any chance to get this minor thing in soon?
22:23 Redmine Feature #29482: Query system for Projects page
Related #33490.
22:22 Redmine Feature #33490 (New): Add a project query filter for "Subproject of"/"Parent project" with operat...
Current "Subproject of" filter implementation allows to chose only "is" operator what does not allow to show entire p...


09:29 Redmine Feature #29482: Query system for Projects page
Related #32818.

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