Feature #29723

Add a "Save & Notify" option, when editing a Note

Added by Michael Barry over 4 years ago.

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Being able to ninja-edit (the pencil icon) a Note within an Issue is extremely helpful--it's great for fixing spelling mistakes and that sort of thing, without the burden of forcing an Email Notification to those watching. And when you're done fixing spelling mistakes you click "Save", and all is well in the world.

But it would be great to also have the option to "Save & Notify" if you did want to force an Email Notification. (I picture it somewhat similar to when you edit the Description of an Issue, though the editor has the choice to notify or not.)

This would be helpful in cases where, for example, a Note requires translation. The original notification goes out to everyone, but in a language that some recipients might not understand. These same people, however, are not notified when the translation is eventually added.

Does such a feature exist somewhere? I found this discussion and mention of the Journal Change Notifier plugin, but the discussion is somewhat old, and I can't find much information on the plugin itself.

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