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Make annotation why you receive a mail from redmine depend on your notification options

Added by Christian Theune over 15 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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If your profile is set to 'mail me on all my projects' then the footer of the mail will still say "You received this because you are involved".

This is a bit misleading to users as they suddenly receive mails and think that's because they're involved although they just set their options to "all my projects".

Actions #1

Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 15 years ago

Actually, the default footer note is:

You have received this notification because you have either subscribed to it, or are involved in it.

You can just change it in application settings.

Actions #2

Updated by Dipan Mehta over 11 years ago

I think the intent of the author is to say that the mail footer should describe: 'why you receive the mail' i.e.

  • you are asignee of the issue
  • you are the author of the issue
  • you have been added as a watcher (by user#xyz)
  • you have subscribed ...

Of course, this is quite a work to be achieved!

Actions #3

Updated by Daniel Felix over 11 years ago

Even if this is not meaned by the author, this would be a good extension to the current mailer.

I will set this to the roadmap of 2.4 as suggestion.
Maybe I have the time the next weeks to provide a patch for this.

Actions #4

Updated by Daniel Felix over 11 years ago

  • Target version set to 2.4.0
Actions #5

Updated by Gabriel Mazetto about 11 years ago

It is also a good time to improve mail layout... current one could have some more style.

Actions #6

Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 11 years ago

  • Target version deleted (2.4.0)

This would require to send many emails for each notification and would really slow down issue updates. I'm afraid it won't make it for 2.4.0.


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