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Allowing non-admin to create/edit custom queries shared among projects

Added by Yuuki NARA about 5 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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In Redmine, creation and editing operations of custom queries shared among PJs are designed to be possible only by admin.
As of Redmine 3.4, 4.0

This can result in the following problems
Especially in large scale environments.

1.Work load concentration to admin

2.Increment of admin authority assigner

3.The creation / editing function of the inter-PJ shared custom query
is not actively used because the user does not complete the work.
It is a psychological barrier because you have to ask admin one by one

As a result, the same custom query is created individually for each PJ.
This leads to an increase in work load and work errors.

As this correspondence, I want to make non-administrator to create/edit the inter-PJ shared custom query.
Only custom query author can edit custom query.

I filled in the response method in the comment.

Actions #1

Updated by Yuuki NARA about 5 years ago

Response method

I considered the following measures.
In the following plan, DB design change and addition of roles are unnecessary.
However, I think that system level user role setting is basically necessary.

1. Make it possible to create custom queries for all projects other than admin.
2. Users that can be created are limited to users who have the authority to create and save custom queries in the project.
3. Create only custom queries whose access is restricted by roles.
Being able to create unlimited custom queries leads to custom query SPAM.
In the case of specifying a role, it is considered to be within the allowable range because the project administrator has decided to use that role.
4. Make the author of the custom query editable the custom query for all PJs created by him / her.

The following prototype (3.4 based) has been created for 1, 2 and 4 above

Actions #2

Updated by Yuuki NARA about 4 years ago

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