Defect #32167

Inconsistent border coloring of UI elements?

Added by Anonymous over 3 years ago.

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- Table lists (list.table), Boxes (.box) and fieldsets (fieldset) border color is #e4e4e4
- Gantt (table.gantt-table) border color is #c0c0c0
- Calendar ( border color is #d7d7d7
- Separrator after tabs (#content .tabs ul), Footer (#footer) border color is #bbbbbb
- Sidebar (#sidebar), My page box (.mypage-box) border color is #dddddd
- Buttons, input fields, text areas current border color is #cccccc

Question is, was this intended or perhaps more, or even all of those elements could have the same border color?
I am thinking all of them could, except maybe anything that falls under the input tag.
I think before any patch is to be proposed, a discussion on which elements could be border-colored the same, would be great.

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