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Email Verbosity Levels

Added by Jason Punyon almost 15 years ago. Updated about 13 years ago.

Email notifications
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A complaint I'm receiving from my users is that the email notifications are too verbose. This may be because we make tons of updates to tickets that they just wouldn't care about. These are little things like when we forget to update the ticket status or enter a start date. We'll edit it once, forget something, go back and edit it again and two notifications go out for what should be a 1 (or no) e-mail change.

What I'm looking for is to be able to set the verbosity level at the granularity of project member. Users might want to be notified in the following ways:

  • Only if a certain field is included in an update (Like Notes for example)
  • Only if a certain field has changed in the update (Like Status or %Done)

I'll think about it some more and see if I can come up with a better implementation or more examples...

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Updated by Cyber Sprocket almost 15 years ago


We'd also like the ability for users to "turn off all email notifications". That may require an additional feature where admin can "allow / disallow" the "turn off all email" to be available to users.

My team always logs in to the system, it is a requirement of their job. The email is thus redundant and even annoying as we build out the issues listing for a 2-year 20,000 tasks project. That's a LOT of email!

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Updated by Daniel Jones almost 15 years ago

The ability also for the email notifications to be bundled up would also be a nice way to resolve the extra emails. That way for multiple changes (in a relatively short time frame) only a single email gets sent.

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Updated by Brad Mace almost 15 years ago

In my ideal world, users would be able to define their own issue filters to control their email notifications. Some filters could trigger an immediate email, others would include select issues to include in a digest email, and unmatched issues would not result in an email.

Users would also be able to set their own schedule for when digest emails are sent. I know it's a lot to ask for :)

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 13 years ago

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