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Strange issue tree after importing subtasks

Added by Adam Oscilowski over 2 years ago. Updated 10 days ago.

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We have imported subtasks to RM using csv:
"Some Subject1";"Development";"2020-01-15";"2020-03-31";"#68";"some desc";"autor"
"Some Subject2";"Development";"2020-01-15";"2020-03-31";"#68";"some desc";"autor"
"Some Subject3";"Development";"2020-01-15";"2020-03-31";"#68";"some desc";"autor"

Tasks have been imported correctly, according to RM messages. But they are displayed in strange way.
1. Looks like this task is assigned to multiple parent tasks?
When I call API http://*/issues.json?issue_id=152, only 68 is mentioned as a parent - OK.
When I call API http://*//issues/68.xml?include=children, 152 is mentioned as a child - OK.
When I call API http://*//issues/65.xml?include=children, 152 is NOT mentioned as a child - OK.
BUT when I open tasks 65-68 via web, I can see task 152 in each of them as a subtask, while it should be a subtask of 68 only. - NOOK.
152 opened via web looks like in attachment.
2. Tasks: 65,66,67,68 have common parent: 64 and are on the same level. In this picture it looks like 65 is a child of 64, 66 a child of 65 and so on. But it looks fine when I open i.e. task 65 - it's a child of 64 only.

new.png (13.6 KB) Adam Oscilowski, 2020-01-24 17:21


#1 Updated by Go MAEDA over 2 years ago

Could you try the following command to fix the tree?

bin/rails r 'Issue.rebuild_tree!'

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