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Default project for user

Added by Lukas Elmer almost 14 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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A user should be able to set a default project, so every time he gets to "myredmine.com/", the user gets redirected to the the default project, which he can set through the user settings. If no default project is defined, the normal redmine startpage should appear.

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#1 Updated by Emil Stepniewski almost 14 years ago

And just bookmarking http://myredmine/projects/myproject is not enough?

#2 Updated by Lukas Elmer almost 14 years ago

Emil Stepniewski wrote:

And just bookmarking http://myredmine/projects/myproject is not enough?

I actually use bookmarks like http://myredmine/projects/myproject. But it happens over and over that I (and also other developers / project managers) forget the bookmark and land on the startpage (eg. through the autocompletion of Firefox...). In my opinion, it would just be the cleaner way not to use bookmarks for that. It would make this very good product a little better ;)

If you haven't enough time for this feature, but you think of it as a good idea, i could do this, if you like.

#3 Updated by brain90 astalavista almost 12 years ago

This why this features should approved.

Every users Doesn't open redmine at the same browser,
maybe he using Firefox at home, chrome at the office, and Safari at the public place.

Unfortunately, the project bookmarks can't easily distribute between those browsers.
Its better if users face his default project when they login,
without any difficulty of memorizing the default project URL.

Thank you..

#4 Updated by Royce Williams over 11 years ago

+1 ... and a +1 for adding voting to redmine.org. :-)

#5 Updated by Etienne Massip over 11 years ago

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