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Link to view subversion directory changelog

Added by James Wells about 15 years ago. Updated over 14 years ago.

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In the repository view there is the ability to view the changelog of an individual file or drop down into a subdirectory, however it would be very useful to be able to view the changelog of a directory (as you can with the top-level of a repository).

I have a very simple patch to demonstrate this:

  Index: app/views/repositories/_dir_list_content.rhtml
  --- app/views/repositories/_dir_list_content.rhtml      (revision 2717)
  +++ app/views/repositories/_dir_list_content.rhtml      (working copy)
  @@ -19,6 +19,12 @@
  <td class="revision"><%= link_to(format_revision(, :action => 'revision', :id => @project, :rev => entry.lastrev.identifier) if entry.lastrev && entry.lastrev.identifier %></td>
   <td class="age"><%= distance_of_time_in_words(entry.lastrev.time, if entry.lastrev && entry.lastrev.time %></td>
   <td class="author"><%= changeset.nil? ? h('<').first) : if entry.lastrev %></td>
  -<td class="comments"><%=h truncate(changeset.comments, 50) unless changeset.nil? %></td>
  +<td class="comments">
  +   <%=h truncate(changeset.comments, 50) unless changeset.nil? %>
  +   <%= if entry.is_dir?
  +      link_to '(all)',
  +         {:action => 'changes', :id => @project, :path => to_path_param(entry.path), :rev => @rev}
  +   end %>
   <% end %>

It may be that there is a way to do this already, but I couldn't find it or any mention of it!


3345.diff (1.07 KB) 3345.diff James Wells, 2009-05-12 22:15

Related issues

Is duplicate of Redmine - Feature #1311: Subversion: Show revision histories for branchesNew2008-05-27

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Updated by James Wells about 15 years ago

Also attached the diff as a file.

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Updated by Paulo Santos over 14 years ago

This feature request should go up in priority, and have a definite solution. It's a serious drawback in Redmine repository browsing!
Before we migrated to Redmine we used Trac, and our Project Managers would constantly use its "change log" feature per repository folder to evaluate the revisions set, committed on that particular folder, and even know when the folder was created (and its origin)...

James workaround is an approximation to a solution, but it's not efficient nor completely effective.
From our point of view, a solution like the one adopted by Trac is the way to go:
- when clicking on a Repository folder, besides displaying the folder tree, it should keep listing the revisions set below, but only those made within current folder (and its branches)
- the revisions set should me paginated
- the revisions should break (or at least highlight), the instant/revision when the folder was created and its source (if it was a copy from another branch)

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Updated by Mischa The Evil over 14 years ago

Related this issue as a duplicate of #1311. Kept it open for further referencing.

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Updated by Mischa The Evil over 14 years ago

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