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Administration Groups & Users Lags with Many Projects

Added by James H almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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This applies to the Groups page, Users page, and possibly others.

When you navigate into the Groups page, it tries to load a few tabs of information.
I have many projects and some users or groups are members of many of them and it takes a very long time to load these pages to even do simple changes. Sometimes unusable.
I suspect the problem is due to the other tabs trying to load all of the related information e.g. all of the projects they are members of.

Can the projects page be paginated with a sort that makes sense?
Ideally something like the issues viewing list would be most powerful, but most time consuming.
A simple searchable/paginated list of some kind would be great, or just not loading the projects until you go into that tab or similar.


#1 Updated by James H almost 2 years ago

I meant to say "When you navigate into a particular Group or User", not the Groups page or the Users page itself.

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