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solar calendar

Added by Abbas Samgani about 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Hi dears
I have been following the solar calendar for Redmine for a long time, but I didn't find any results,
People who have done this before are from older versions of Redmine.
Is it possible to create a plugin in this regard?

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Updated by Amir Khalili over 2 years ago

Gentlemen hope you enjoy the show.
I needed it so i made it.
I'm not a developer by nature btw.

Redmine version 4.1.1 fully Persian localized for F* Free. Things that localized:
- The actual Calendar.
- Every date input has Jalali date picker (thnx to Reza Babakhani <> for free JS date picker).
- Roadmap has Jalali dates.
- Versions has Jalali dates.
- Activies are displayed in Jalali dates.
- Wikis are in Jalali dates.
- Every dates that are used in Issues are now in Jalili format (things like: "created_on", "updated_on", ...)
- Repositories are fully in Jalali format.
- Gantt is in jalali format (i dont like it though).
- Documents dates are in Jalali format.
- Files dates are in Jalali format.
- Time entries are in Jalali format. You can add time entry in Jalali format, you can also report everything in Jalali dates.
- Dates tooltips are in Jalali format.
- Many icons, tables and context menus tweaked to fully support RTL schema.

Plugins that localized:
- Agile board plugin fully persian localized (God dammit he even did that too! LoL LoL LoL). even it's chart dates now diplay Jalali dates.
- "More previews" plugin localized (it's just dates table you know :D )
- CK Editor ADDED :)) .

Things not included (I haven't really looked into these yet, cause i had no interest)
- News
- Forums

- When you use date filters to filter something the most stable way is to use "From To" model which gives you two date inputs. I tweaked "Current date" and "Current month" to display right dates but "previous week", "previous months" and stuff like that may don't give you expected results :D !
- Dont mess around with "Date format" in settings, Its hard coded in some places :)) Use default one.

May i proudly present you:

Ow it has a fully several times tested Persian installation document which added to the main code "Redmine-Deplyment.docx". Just connect machine to Internet and copy paste stuffs LoL.

Thnx to Redmine guys.

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Updated by Abbas Samgani over 2 years ago

  • Thank you very much **********
    Is it possible to make changes by ourselves on the running project?

I customized the version of redmine 4.2.1 and made changes to it


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