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Missing translation (or incorrect translation reference) in r2825

Added by Vinko Vrsalovic about 14 years ago. Updated about 14 years ago.

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I get, when setting a related issue to an issue, and selecting 'blocks', the following message

"Translation missing, en, field_issue_to"

I added field_issue_to: Related issue to config/locales/en.yml
and it worked.

I don't know if this is the proper solution, or is there somewhere in code that must be changed to field_issue_to_id (because it has the same text).

  1. rails --version
    Rails 2.2.2
  1. ruby --version
    ruby 1.8.6 (2007-09-24 patchlevel 111) [i486-linux]

Last Changed Author: edavis10
Last Changed Rev: 2825
Last Changed Date: 2009-07-27 02:55:43 +0200 (Mon, 27 Jul 2009)


pic1.png (9.84 KB) pic1.png Vinko Vrsalovic, 2009-07-28 09:53
pic2.png (11 KB) pic2.png Vinko Vrsalovic, 2009-07-28 09:53
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Updated by Mischa The Evil about 14 years ago

Someway I'm not able to reproduce this error using a clean checkout of the current trunk. field_issue_to seems not to be used by the relations at all AFAICT.
Did you modified your Redmine in some way? Maybe some plugins installed?

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Updated by Vinko Vrsalovic about 14 years ago

Found the real culprit.

Put a non existing issue number and it shows the message. (pic1.png)

If I add the field_issue_to to en.yml then it shows the proper error message. (pic2.png)

Sorry for the misreport.

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Updated by Thomas Lecavelier about 14 years ago

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Happy to see that your problem is solved.


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Updated by Vinko Vrsalovic about 14 years ago

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Should I open a new issue for this?

It's clearly still a problem.

The message when using a non existing issue (imagine a typo or a similar mistake) shows an error of translation instead of the proper error.

This seems to point at the error handler pointing to a non existing translation item.

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Updated by Nanda P about 14 years ago

Yes, It's still an issue. "translation missing: en, field_issue_to can't be blank"

I can reproduce it by adding non existing issue # or non-numeric values.

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Updated by Eric Davis about 14 years ago

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Confirmed, entering an invalid issue number or a blank issue number will show a missing translation. Reproduced on,, and a few other sites.

Should be a simple fix plus some translations.

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Updated by Eric Davis about 14 years ago

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Fixed in r2835. It looks like the field_issue_to_id was the older translation but in trunk (with Rails 2.2.2), it was looking for field_issue_to instead. Thank you for the bug report and the steps to reproduce.

0.8.x wasn't affected by this.


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