Defect #37715

Sorting of events with same date and time on the activity view varies based on query (results)

Added by Mischa The Evil 2 months ago.

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This issue is currently based only on a inspection of the feature on, but I believe it might persist on current Redmine versions too. Yet, this assumption should be checked...

I just noticed a weird and surprising behavior of the sorting of events with the same date and time on the activity view. It seems to vary based on the actual query and/or the query results. See e.g. today's activity view on Observe the two events:
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These events are sorted in varying order based on if results from activity providers other than issues are requested and/or if results from activity providers other than issues are actually returned.

If this can be confirmed on current release(s) it might be an unexpected behavior that is unwanted and should be fixed.

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