Feature #3856

show userpage by 'login' rather than 'id'.

Added by Yonghwan SO about 13 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2009-09-12
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Category:Accounts / authentication
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sometimes I need more human readable URL for my redmine account. for example,

http://www.redmine.org/account/show/5263 (currently)


http://www.redmine.org/account/show/sio4 (meet 404 page)

how about this? and one more step forward, more fency version is,


If redmine is used for development portal or something like *forge, it will be very useful function. (and I can write this URL on my blogs. "hey, I contributed on great open source project called redmine, here is my page! http://www.redmine.org/u/sio4")

...and here is a quick and dirty patch.

userpage-by-login.patch Magnifier (1.17 KB) Yonghwan SO, 2009-09-12 17:47

user-page.patch Magnifier (1.04 KB) Yonghwan SO, 2016-04-07 17:50

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#1 Updated by Dipan Mehta over 9 years ago

I think this is a nice idea. Though some may want to the other way - may be even if you allow both format of the access might be nice.

#2 Updated by Yonghwan SO over 6 years ago

Is there someone interesting in this feature?

I updated this patch for current version of redmine.

check it please...

for now,

the original URL for user page is:

additional/suggested URL for user page is:
or http://www.redmine.org/u/sio4

#3 Updated by Mischa The Evil over 5 years ago

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