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Hi, can you help me with a Version Extended?

Added by Enzo Pellecchia about 1 month ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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I would need to show in the roadmap, in addition to the version issues, also any linked children found in other versions of other projects.

I tried to make an extension of the class, but then I get an error on a count method outside of this code.
Probably the type of the class I return is wrong.

Can you give me some suggestions?

I attach the file with the class.

Thank you.


version_extension.rb (679 Bytes) version_extension.rb Enzo Pellecchia, 2024-04-08 16:16
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Sorry, this was closed in error...

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Updated by Holger Just about 1 month ago

This change (i.e showing kind-of unrelated issues in a version) appears to be quite surprising. As no other views would show these issues, leading to inconsistent reports. Also, it's unclear why you are only including issues from other projects and why you are only including direct child issues from the issues assigned to the version while omitting deeper nested trees.

In any case, a better solution for your use-case is likely to have sub-issues inherit the version of their parents. This has been requested in #6117 (or more generalized in #13585). Right now however, there is only a feature to set some fields of the parent issues to values derived from its children, specifically the start and due dates and the priority.

As for your specific patch, the original method returns an ActiveRecord relation while your returns an array. These behave differently which may lead to the rrorr you have observed.

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Updated by Enzo Pellecchia about 1 month ago

Thanks for the answer, the problem is related to the fact that the main product is composed of sub-products that are worked on by different teams with different planners. I cannot structure them as sub-projects, since other products are also needed.
So when our PM creates a main activity, he subsequently creates activities in other projects by referencing it to his main activity.
Which is why he would like to see at least in the roadmap the tickets assigned to other projects that serve to close his main activity.

I tryed to change in this, but not have resolved:

module VersionExtension
  def self.included(base)
    base.class_eval do
      def visible_fixed_issues
        # Assicurati che fixed_issues non sia nil
        fixed_issues = self.fixed_issues || Issue.none
        # Otteniamo le issue fisse per questa versione

        fixed_issue_ids = fixed_issues.visible.pluck(:id)
        child_issue_ids = Issue.where(parent_id: fixed_issue_ids)
                               .where.not(project_id: project_id)
        issue_ids = (fixed_issue_ids + child_issue_ids).uniq

        # Utilizziamo `where` direttamente su `Issue` per ottenere una relazione ActiveRecord
        all_issues = Issue.where(id: issue_ids)

        total_issues = all_issues.count
        closed_issues = all_issues.where(status_id: IssueStatus.find_by(is_closed: true)).count
        closed_percent = (closed_issues.to_f / total_issues * 100).round(2)

        [all_issues, closed_percent]

# Includi il modulo nel modello Version


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