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Wiki: Feature request:Auto-replace text with another user-defined

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Working with Wiki, I often think, about how great would it be, if there will be any way to define some the words as keywords that will be automatically replaced with others (formatted) on all wiki pages (during view).

For example, I'd love to see that some words (User configurable) will be replaced with another (user configurable)


For example:
every "Redmine" word in my wiki can be replaced with


every "Configuration" replaced with


every "Export" to be replaced with:


and so on.


All that needed to configure:
1) specify text1 that should be replaced
2) specify text2, that will replace text1

Text replace should be done on rendering (no changes to source text).


Such feature allows to avoid most of the routine job of formatting and keeping information up-to date.

I suppose it will not be hard to implement, but it allows to use Wiki in most productive way.

What do you think about that?


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Aleksey Timohin wrote:

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Wrong link. Here's correct one:


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with unicode support

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Maybe this feature could be used to implement #3671.

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It would be very useful for getting terms from a Glossary.

Also available in: Atom PDF