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picker needed to find id's of related issues and projects etc...

Added by oliver stieber about 14 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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"One of the features I need the most from a project / bug management system is the ability to relate projects and bugs together.

This is because projects or modules / stages of a project are often dependant unpon othh projects reacing a certain point of completion before they can go ahead and it's nice to have some documentation of relations between projects / modules etc.. to assist in configuration management.

I also work by having one large project / bug that covers a partular bug or feature set, say plugins, and then break that down, first into sub projects and modules, then into features all the way down to individual work blocks that may take no longer than an hour or so to complete that can then be assigned and picked up by someone.

This assists greatly in refining estimates, seeing progress, making sure that everything that needs to be done is done and seeing what has been done and what has been left out and many other project/ team and configuration management activities , as well as enabling fine grained documentation for the specifications , design etc... of everything."

The way redmine works at the moment isn't very user friendly for doing this,

I think the easy solution would be to implement a picker to enable the user to search existing project / subproject /modules (I don't think redmine names anything a module yet, it's really a subproject) / issues etc... so I don't have to open another browser window and go through the whole process myself.

It may also be very tricky to do this with other redmine clients, so if the search ability with filtering capabilities was made part i it would be good. Also if it was AJAX able then the picker could be dynamic in the client being used.

It should also be possible to add these relations to a ticket / prject etc... when it is created and to pick the relation target as being a new ticket / project etc... so that I can easly for instance create a number of dependant issues from an existing issue or raise an issue and then create it's pendant issue or project.

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Updated by Jim Gettys about 14 years ago

Let me give a concrete example:

I created a bug in one project (specifically, that we needed to create some subprojects) and wanted to relate it to a bug I have in my sysadmin project where I was keeping track of getting repositories integrated with their appropriate (sub)projects.

So not only is finding that bug not so nice in the related issues UI, but when I went to actually create the related issues entry it said:

"Related issue is invalid"

And forbid me from creating the relation. This is unfortunate, IMHO; otherwise there is incentive to make everything a subproject of a master project, where more naturally, there should be separation into projects (with occasional cross linking where needed).

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Updated by Felix Schäfer almost 14 years ago

I'm not sure I really get your request (to-the-point requests are much better than digressions about project management philosophy and stuff), but #3170 has a patch to make the related issue id field in the related issues form autocomplete against the title of issues.


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