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Repository: View file at specific revision

Added by Nils Adermann over 14 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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You can see a list of commited files when looking at a certain revision of a file. They have links to a diff to the
previous version but it would be useful if you could also download the file in that particular revision like you can
download the latest revision of a file.


#1 Updated by Nils Adermann over 14 years ago

I just noticed you just need to append &rev=(revision) to the URL to get it, can't be that difficult to add a simple link, that it takes so long?

#2 Updated by Mischa The Evil over 12 years ago

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I just came around this issue accidentally and found that this implemented in Redmine devel (trunk @ r2903) at least already.

This is a feature that should be documented much better, therefore I've assigned the issue to myself. Here's the current state in basic:

Let's say we have one file in repo (fileFoo) which contains two revisions (Rev1 and Rev2). You can download fileFoo at Rev1 by either:

  • Repository -> fileFoo (in the JS repo-tree) -> Rev1 (in the revisions block) -> fileFoo (now at Rev1) -> Download
  • Repository -> Rev2 (in the Latest revisions block) -> fileFoo (now at Rev2) -> History -> Rev1 (in the revisions block) -> fileFoo (now at Rev1) -> Download

It should also be possible to use the revision-selector, though that one seems currently broken in the trunk.

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