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When (bulk/singe) updating issues, don't show statuses not available

Added by Fri Flaj almost 14 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

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When updating issue statuses, either bulk or per-issue, from the issue list, issue statuses are shown that are not available in the current project. Since I have many available statuses (> 30 and growing), I'd love for there to be a way to reduce the clutter. Will happily create a patch if someone can point me in the right direction.

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Updated by Ngewi Fet almost 14 years ago

Issue statuses are not bound to projects. They are defined globally.
So what do your mean by "issue statuses are shown that are not available in the current project"?

The issue statuses available to a tracker are constrained by the role of the user in a project and this is defined in the workflow.
When editing a single issue, only the relevant statuses are shown.
When doing a Bulk edit, all possible statuses are shown for the selected issues. Keep in mind that the issues may have different statuses and different workflows. If you choose a status which cannot be applied to all selected issues, saving will fail for some and succeed for the rest.

Maybe you need to look at your workflows again.

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Updated by Fri Flaj almost 14 years ago

When I right-click an issue in the issue list and look at the list of statuses I can change it to, I see a few that are indeed available, and loads that are greyed out. Some of these are available (via workflow) to other trackers in the same project, but most are available (via workflow) to trackers that are only enabled in other projects. The first class would be merely convenient to filter out, but the second class really shouldn't be there I think. If I'm missing something I'll be glad to twiddle my settings to make them go away, but I can't find it.

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Updated by Aaron Parks over 13 years ago

+1 for this.

My users are frequently confused by the list of greyed out statuses that they have never seen in a work flow document for their project.

Could we put in a configuration option to just not show other options in right click menu?


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