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13:25 Redmine Defect #7497 (Closed): Aptana Studio .project file added to version 1.1.1-stable
I got the Aptana .project file when I updated from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1. Is this intentional?
this may conflict with othe...
Ngewi Fet


19:22 Redmine Development: RE: I want to join the Programming team
Just keep doing what you do and submitting the patches or implementing new features and making pull requests.
Pay a...
Ngewi Fet


09:27 Redmine Open discussion: Is there a target release date for Redmine 1.1.1
It seems most of the issues with target version 1.1.1 have been fixed (only 2 are still open).
Is there any target ...
Ngewi Fet


11:06 Redmine Defect #7385 (Closed): Error when viewing an issue which was related to a deleted subtask
I get this bug against the current Redmine version 1.1.0.stable.4732
This bug is reproducible with the following ste...
Ngewi Fet


09:00 Redmine Feature #6945: Add a voting system to help users help admins identify popular features/defects
+1 ;) Ngewi Fet


20:10 Redmine Feature #5681: Merge Issue comments and associated commits.
[[Pretag]] as valid request. Ngewi Fet
20:10 Redmine Wiki edit: PreTag (#10)
Ngewi Fet
17:57 Redmine Wiki edit: PreTag (#9)
Ngewi Fet
18:12 Redmine Feature #349: New product, assign task to someone should set status to "Assigned"
This is assuming that there is always a status called 'Assigned' in the Redmine instance right?
What happens if the...
Ngewi Fet
17:57 Redmine Feature #5711: Make Bulk Edit menu more apparent...
*Pretagged as UI team decision.* Ngewi Fet

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