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Invite Feature for projects

Added by Aaron Fischer about 14 years ago. Updated about 13 years ago.

Permissions and roles
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We needed a Solution to get all users on the system the option to invite yourself to other projects. This reduced the administrative overhead on our system. The project manager(s) of a project now don't manually search and add the users who want access to a specific project.

The workflow is as follow:

1. User klicks on a public project and want to "join".
2. He/She klicks on the "Send authorization request" link on the upper right.
3. All project managers on this project gets a email with certain links in it. Each link will add the user with a role to this project. (Example: If the project manager klicks on the "Add as supporter" link, the user will be added as a supporter to this project)

This Feature is on a production environment with ~200 users and works well.
It would be great if this will get in the main trunk because other user requested this feature also.


invite.patch (38 KB) invite.patch The invitation feature path (testet on tag 0.9.4) Aaron Fischer, 2010-06-10 22:50

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Actions #1

Updated by Eric Thomas about 14 years ago

Seems like a pretty promising feature.

You should write tests for this because it's unlikely to get into the trunk without them.

Actions #2

Updated by Craig Presti over 13 years ago

Is this patch compatible with v1 or newer? This would be useful functionality to have in redmine IMO.

Actions #3

Updated by Aaron Fischer over 13 years ago

Sorry, this patch is created on the 0.9.4 tag. You can try to apply it to the current trunk, but I don't give any guaranty that it works. The most part of the patch are translations and the method to send the email. You can give it a try and if it fails, its no big deal to fix the patch :)

Actions #4

Updated by Dave Abrahams about 13 years ago

+1 for this feature

Actions #5

Updated by Terence Mill about 13 years ago

I am asking me how a user can reach a projects overview page on which he has no rights to join the project as role with rights?
Typically i wanna join a project i only know the name and maybe description.
If you don't have public projects mnanagment you can 't use this patch.
Is this correct?
Iinstead of core featureu can write a plugin. E.G check the Blocks layout plugin to see how view hooks are used.


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