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Popup for new users trying to submit new issues...

Added by Robert Chady almost 14 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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There are a lot of people who submit new issues to the main Redmine site because they did not read the big banner at the top. To help alleviate this and maybe bring Felix's blood pressure down, how about a plugin that opens up a popup for new users when they click on 'New Issue' that holds some configurable content. This would only be for NEW users so it does not impact normal bug submissions. Make the content configurable and you can put a link to the online demo in there and some strong wording that they will hopefully catch.

I believe if this plugin were done generic enough, it could be useful for other people as well, such as presenting users with a 'How to submit a good bug report' type of document.

Actions #1

Updated by Henrik Ammer almost 14 years ago

Popups (inline or alerts) are generically dismissed by hitting the "ok, i've read it" button within seconds after it has been shown. Even the ones with scrolls that you need to pull down also misses it's mark.

My personally opinion is that this will not solve the problem. But that's ofcourse just my $.02.

Actions #2

Updated by Nicholas Kulikov almost 14 years ago

I think that most of users that want to check issue posting process expect that it will take a small amount of time, so... Maybe just make new user registration process more difficult? For example before first post into real readmine database all new users should wait some time (24h)? Of course, user should be mentioned about this and alternative registration link to test database (where isn't such restriction) should be provided :)
Or maybe first post into real readmine database should be able only after user posted at least one issue into test database? :)


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