Feature #5825

Fine grained permissions - per project

Added by Ве Fio about 12 years ago.

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I needed to setup fine grained permissions on my site, more specifically, the roles and their permissions, I need them to be configurable per project. I was disappointed Redmine didn't allow this level of fine grained control, as I'm sure it would be very useful for many people.

I need it because on the site I'm hosting, I'll be doing a few open source projects, but I also need to be able to develop closed source projects too. The current integration has it set up, so that if I want to disable User A from seeing the source (though the Repository browsing link), User A is disabled for every single project, but I want to allow User A to see the source of my open source project, but not my closed source one, and I DON'T want to disable the Repository module, because I want my developers to be able to browse with freedom like they should be able too. Besides that, if I have a closed source project and I disable the repository module, but I have some open source projects too, so I allow the permission role of non-member to be able to checkout code, they can get the code from my closed source project too, which isn't good!

Conclusion: Fine grained control would be GREAT. I was thinking of having fine grained control set to default (global configuration), but allowable to change the settings.

I use the SVN integration, so I would love it if this could work with SVN. Thank you.

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