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Find changesets by searching for commit IDs (e.g. git SHA1 hashes)

Added by Eike Hein about 14 years ago. Updated about 14 years ago.

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it would be cool if it were possible to find changesets using the search engine by entering a commit ID.

As a concrete example, in Git, changesets are identified by SHA1 hashes. It should be possible to find a changeset using the search engine by entering such a SHA1 hash into the search field, as well as by entering only the first 6-10 chars (consistent with how various git commands as well as Redmine's own revision viewer are also capable of handling abbreviated hashes).

Implementation-wise, I suppose that means doing a regex match ^<input> against the commit ID field.

The use case for this feature is as follows: Many open source projects (including ours) organize a lot of their day-to-day development via IRC channels. Those channels will usually have bots that announce new commits to relevant repositories, uttering both an abbreviated SHA1 hash and a part of the commit message. An interested observer wishing to take a closer look at a newly-announced commit will want to use the Redmine install to do so, and the easiest and most hassle-free to do so would be to copy the SHA1 hash into the search field (as opposed to to navigating to the relevant activity stream or repo viewer).

Another scenario is observing a dialogue between developers involving abbreviated SHA1 hashes, but not knowing in which repository (and thus Redmine project) they are to be found. If the search engine can be used to locate the changeset across all projects, it obviates the need to ask.

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Updated by Eike Hein about 14 years ago

Notably Redmine's search engine is capable of finding issues by their issue ID; being able to find changesets by changeset ID would seem to also be a consistency improvement.


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