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"XLS export" plugin breaks REST API: "issues.xml" returns broken HTML instead of XML

Added by Alex Last over 12 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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I spent hours trying to find why my Redmine started returning broken HTML instead of XML when I send the same valid REST API request, I as did before (

I finally found that "XLS export" plugin ( is responsible for this problem.

I had to delete the plugin to enable REST API (remove /opt/redmine/vendor/plugins/redmine_default_columns folder ).

I have latest Trunk version of Redmine. Other people reported the same problem with Redmine 0.9.5.


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Can you report this bug to the plugin author. This bug tracker is for the Redmine core and we don't have control over the plugin's code.

#2 Updated by Alex Last over 12 years ago

ok, makes sense. sorry

#3 Updated by Vitaly Klimov over 12 years ago

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Eric, it seems that if the plugin overwrites some views (in my case views\issues\index.rhtml), plugin views folder should contain .builder file as well - even if this file not modified. Otherwise .builder file from original path (app\views\issues\index.xml.builder ) is ignored.

I think it should be noted in documentation on plugins

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