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Simple individual todo list for administrators - helps to plan & organize project management

Added by Anton Andriyevskyy almost 14 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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I use this approach often but unfortunately outside redmine.
Maybe adding this feature to redmine will be useful not only for me.

When project manager reviews tasks, he often think of to create some simple todo list for himself for managing & creating further tasks, for example:

- add report to bug X
- think about feature ... and add it for next version
- change the screenshot in issue #xxx, looks very uninformative
- ....

As you can see, there is no sense to create tasks for each thing like this, neither to track time and resolve/close all these small things.

But it will be very useful to have simple TODO list individual to each project administrator - so we can plan our management and make small notes.

As for me, I'm usign this almost everyday - I build small TODO list of things to be done - like creating new issues, doing some small tests and sending some emails with requests about small things - I do not need all this to be tracked, and I would like to quickly add / check / remove items from such individual todo list.

Maybe short version of this list can be added somewhere on the right panel so it will be always viewable:

So what I'm proposing:

1. Small & very simple individual list - viewable only for logged in user.
2. Not sure if this must be available only for admin or for any users (or even configurable?)
3. Even more simplified version on the right hand panel, with ability to "Add" new tasks, "Remove" from list, and "Check" todo items to make them as resolved.
4. No time tracking, no tasks statuses (only checked/unchecked), no assignement, no categories etc - just simple simple for user's own planning & organizing.

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Updated by Mischa The Evil almost 14 years ago

Maybe the Todo Lists plugin can help you with this?

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Updated by Anton Andriyevskyy almost 14 years ago

I have never seeen it, and I'll try it.
But actually I believe that feature like this must be in core -
so we never bother checking plugin compatibility before to update
redmine to the next version.

In my redmine installation I use zero plugins to avoid compatibility
problems with update of core redmine engine - because small issues
like this stops all the business: when it works before and then stops
with update - then problem begins.


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