Defect #6145

Git commit dates not read properly

Added by Felix Schäfer almost 12 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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git log says: 2010-08-05 16:45:11 +0200,

The rails console says for that commit: committed_on: "2010-08-05 16:45:11" (Which IIRC should be UTC, so it's already wrong here),

When viewed in a browser in UTC+2, the repository tab says: 05.08.2010 18:45 (Which is in accordance to what is in the DB).

A solution that works for me is to add .utc to the 2 Time.parse() calls in the git adapter (source:/trunk/lib/redmine/scm/adapters/git_adapter.rb#L142 and source:/trunk/lib/redmine/scm/adapters/git_adapter.rb#L191).


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Mmh, that may have been a weird byproduct of some other stuff I was experimenting with at the time, at least I wasn't able to really reproduce that now (might be rather related to #6346 too). Closing for now.

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