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Links to wiki pages break when moving issues from one project to another

Added by Marco Poli almost 14 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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Links to wiki pages that appear in issues' descriptions or history are broken when that issue is moved from one project to another, if the destination project has no wiki with that particular page name.

If the destination project has a wiki page with the same name, that is potentially even worse, as the logical path of dates and data can be broken by being linked to something else entirely.

When an issue is moved/copied/etc., the wiki links in it should be altered accordingly to refer to the original wiki page, in the other project.

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Updated by Jean-Baptiste Barth almost 14 years ago

We cannot have a perfect solution for that. I think it really depends on how you use redmine : in my case, I have some wiki pages with the same name in each project, and when I move an issue to an other project, I want it to point to the new wiki page.

The better solution is a manual one in your case : if you don't want links to wiki pages to be broken when moving an issue, just use the complete syntax for wiki links, with the project name : [[project_identifier:MyWikiPage]]

I don't think we can find a solution which would apply to everybody without making Redmine a real bloatware. I'll close the issue if you're OK.

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Updated by Marco Poli almost 14 years ago

Maybe a Move option of relinking the Wiki articles wouldn't bloat the interface that much? The issue with using the Project:Article link style is that the history cannot be edited, or shouldn't be edited sometimes by the manager, and we have lots of wiki links that come from History posts at the moment. :(

Thanks for your attention and prompt response, Jean.


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