Feature #6231

Version dependent to a subproject Version

Added by Joël Lamotte about 12 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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Having subprojects and sharing versions are very interesting and useful features.

Now, lets say that we have this project hierarchy : * super_project * module_a * module_b

Currently, we can set a "v1.0" version to each module (with or without sharing, that is not exactly the point). However, we can add a "v1.0" to super_project but not make this version dependant on the completion of the versions of the two other subprojects.

Allowing having subproject versions as completion dependency for a parent version would be very useful and would complete the subproject and version features relationship.


#1 Updated by Joel SCHAAL about 10 years ago

Is it related to #8991 ?

#2 Updated by Joël Lamotte about 10 years ago

Not sure. Mine is about marking a version as completed only when sub project have their version completed too, as an optional behaviour.

#3 Updated by Joel SCHAAL about 10 years ago

Ok sorry, I misread it...

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