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Finnish language update (rev. 1132)

Added by Antti Perkiömäki almost 14 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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Finnish language update up to rev. 1132

fi.yml Magnifier (22 KB) Antti Perkiömäki, 2008-02-11 12:57


#1 Updated by Bastian Salmela almost 14 years ago

mm, you beat me to it.. :)
I have also finnish translation for Redmine that i've been working on.. but I have a little bit different approach though, so it's interesting to see how this goes.

little things...

Apua <-> Ohjeet
Aktiviteetti <-> Historia
Tiketti <-> Tapahtuma
Vahdi <-> Seuraa

I also used "Seuranta" for "Tracker".. but maybe I change this later on..


#2 Updated by Bastian Salmela almost 14 years ago

whoops, redmine did something funky with the styling of the previous comment.
so those words that are crossed over, shouldn't be. looks like I hit some special tag.


#3 Updated by Antti Perkiömäki almost 14 years ago

Ah yes, I kinda did the translation in haste so there's alot of tweaking ;)

I'll patch those words on monday when I update redmine. Also if you have good Finnish translation to Repository rather than "Säiliö" I'd be glad to hear it, drives me crazy since used to English words on some of the terms.

#4 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 14 years ago

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Committed in r1149. Thanks

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