Patch #6450

Allow localized date input and correctly transform for custom date fields

Added by Stuart Cianos about 12 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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Patch allows users to manipulate custom date fields using their local format.

  • Adds a library routine to the I18n extensions. The routine provides for the parsing of a user entered date into a Date object.
  • The custom value model has been upated to correctly account for the user's date setting (if available). If not, defaults to YYYY-MM-DD.

This allows users to enter their dates in their localized format (as defined by setting.date_format), and have it correctly transformed to YYYY-MM-DD. If the localized setting is not available, falls back to YYYY-MM-DD for input.

This partially fixes defect #668 as it applies to custom fields. This was a major pain point for our users, so hopefully will solve a lot of problems experienced elsewhere.

scvmc_redmine_668p1_custom_field_dates.diff Magnifier (2.08 KB) Stuart Cianos, 2010-09-21 03:13

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Any plan to put it on the roadmap ?

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Frank Helk wrote:

Any plan to put it on the roadmap ?


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