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Redmine::Utils::relative_url_root fails to redirect some content, pages are featureless

Added by Pierce Morton about 12 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

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Resolution:Invalid Affected version:1.0.2


Redmine::Utils::relative_url_root = "/redmine"
placed at the bottom of /config/environment.rb as per wiki instructions successfully makes the pages appear under a sub-URI. However, this also turns every page into a white mess, with all the CSS and JS references failing to work.

When I inspect the elements in Firebug, the references to the files are being successfully rewritten. However, the references themselves are coming up with a 404.
Removing the sub-URI from the asset reference in the browser manually allows access to the item.

This happens if I serve the instance with WebRICK or Mongrel.

About your application's environment
Ruby version              1.8.7 (i386-mingw32)
RubyGems version          1.3.7
Rack version              1.0
Rails version             2.3.5
Active Record version     2.3.5
Active Resource version   2.3.5
Action Mailer version     2.3.5
Active Support version    2.3.5
Application root          c:/redmine
Environment               production
Database adapter          mysql
Database schema version   20100819172912

gem list:
cgi_multipart_eof_fix (2.5.0)
gem_plugin (0.2.3)
mongrel (1.1.5 x86-mingw32)
mongrel_service (0.4.beta3)
mysql (2.8.1 x86-mingw32)
rack (1.0.1)
rake (0.8.7)


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Have a look at the settings for mongrel or webrick, they need to be told about the sub-uri too, I think the script/server startup script for both takes -P /redmine as an argument.

If you find the docs lacking, most of them are editable, feel free to complement them, thanks :-)

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