Feature #6808

first class citizenry for all types of fields in Redmine

Added by Albert Rosenfield over 12 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2010-11-02
Priority:NormalDue date:
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I think that core fields, plugin fields and custom fields should all be part of the same structure in the database and internals.

The goal: to treat each kind of field equally well everywhere in the Redmine interface.

It would help with various stuff all around:
  • allow functionality to be segregated into separately maintainable plugins (eg. Gantt)
  • fix the inability to sort the order of some fields (eg. the placement of built-in timelog fields as opposed to custom ones)
  • fix various problems where columns are missing from output (eg custom fields in timelog detail view)
  • fix various problems with excess filtering options (eg. due-date when calendar+gantt+etc is disabled)
  • fix various problems with too little filtering options (eg. custom fields)

Lots more, the point is that it would generally be a good thing.

(As a subsequent issue, at a hypothetical point in time where the above has happened, I'd also like to see a Permission automatically created for each field, so that an administrator can decide that fx. the Assignee field of an issue is only editable by some users. Ie. those who via various bindings have the automatically created "Edit <field>" permission.)

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