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18:36 Redmine Feature #6805: add non-ambiguous ISO-ordered date/time formatting
@Felix: %Y-%m-%d is not a good enough format, since it is ambiguous for any dates where the day-of-month is 12 or les... Albert Rosenfield


19:51 Redmine Development: RE: My thoughts on Redmine 1.1
> * Rails 3
> * Extract LDAP and OpenID to plugins
Sounds awesome :-)
> Gantt chart r...
Albert Rosenfield
19:31 Redmine Feature #6808 (New): first class citizenry for all types of fields in Redmine
I think that core fields, plugin fields and custom fields should all be part of the same structure in the database an... Albert Rosenfield
19:17 Redmine Patch #6807 (New): internal hostname included in back_url
The documentation recommends that Redmine run behind a reverse proxy such as nginx for doing SSL and caching.
Albert Rosenfield
19:12 Redmine Feature #6806 (Closed): view timelog entries before current month
Sometimes it is practical for accounting purposes to be able to see all timelog entries that
* occur from the ...
Albert Rosenfield
18:57 Redmine Feature #6805 (Closed): add non-ambiguous ISO-ordered date/time formatting
I'd like to see a non-ambiguous date/time format added to Redmine, which also respects standard ISO ordering.
Albert Rosenfield
18:45 Redmine Patch #6804 (Closed): Bugfix: spelling fixes
There are some bugs in the da.yml translation of Redmine.
Fix attached.
Albert Rosenfield
18:34 Redmine Feature #6803 (New): add permission to (dis)allow selecting trackers
There is currently a permission to decide whether a user can change which modules are enabled for a given project.
Albert Rosenfield
18:29 Redmine Feature #4427: Create a new type of role for not project specific maintenance
+1 see also #6800 (same feature, different solution proposal) Albert Rosenfield
17:47 Redmine Defect #6728: how to assign global rights?
* *Status* changed to _Closed_
Oh well, I'll just give it my best shot then..
Response to note #3 is in issue #...
Albert Rosenfield

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