Feature #7643

"edit" action directly in report page (not right-click)

Added by Schollii Tron almost 12 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2011-02-17
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Currently: on a report, you can click checkboxes and then right-click to get "Edit" option, which when selected takes you to a "batch modify" page. Seems like this right-click action is easily missed.

Feature: I would like to recommend that the "Edit" option that appears in the pop-down menu always be there, right on the Report page; after all, this action should not require access to the Database AFAIK (other actions that show up in right-click do, apparently so that only the relevant actions common to all selected tickets, get shown; this doesn't apply to Edit, IMO).

For instance right at the bottom of the checkmark column there could be a "Batch Edit" button or link, everyone would understand what it's for, especially if it becomes enabled only if there is at least one checkmark (but it should never be hidden, just grayed out). Clicking on this link would take you to the current Change Properties page.

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