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15:23 Redmine Help: RE: log of users who download documents or files
Thanks Paresh for the info. Currently I have a block of custom code in the AttachmentsController itself, the custom c... Schollii Tron


22:23 Redmine Help: log of users who download documents or files
What would be easiest way of generating a log of [username, IP_address, date, filename] for a particular project? All... Schollii Tron
15:18 Redmine Plugins: RE: Coding a "Log user File downloads" plugin - "is not missing constant" error
I'm looking for same feature. Any progress on this? Schollii Tron


16:30 Redmine Feature #1565: Custom query on My page
This is clearly a much needed feature. Shouldn't this ticket's priority be upped? Also, could someone with required p... Schollii Tron


20:33 Redmine Help: RE: Admin operations
Revisiting this issue. Indeed I found but last ... Schollii Tron


22:28 Redmine Feature #7643 (New): "edit" action directly in report page (not right-click)
*Currently:* on a report, you can click checkboxes and then right-click to get "Edit" option, which when selected tak... Schollii Tron
22:19 Redmine Help: RE: Checkbox in Issue list
WOW I had no idea about this batch feature. On my laptop I sometimes have to wait 10 seconds for the right-click menu... Schollii Tron


08:17 Redmine Help: RE: Remove /redmine from URL's
Finally got a chance to try this but it didn't work. I only edited the apache .conf file (which is in fact, in bitnam... Schollii Tron


14:49 Redmine Help: RE: Remove /redmine from URL's
I'm using out-of-the-box bitnami redmine setup, which uses apache. I'll take a look at the apache config file, but fr... Schollii Tron
03:31 Redmine Help: Remove /redmine from URL's
Hello, does anyone know how to have URL for redmine server without /redmine at start of every URL? For instance inste... Schollii Tron

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