Feature #7946

Spent Time, improvements/suggestions

Added by Gerry Hawkins over 11 years ago.

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Category:Time tracking
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(Using 1.0.4, upgrading to 1.2.0 shortly)
In the time spent report page I think it should use a filter and grouping mechanism similar to the filtering/grouping used for issues.

For example find the time in a specific version by person. I have to get the order right in the addition of report criteria. Which isn't that hard once you use it and find out what it is doing, but it isn't obvious from the current UI. Re-using the filter and group options that exist elsewhere in the application seems like a better way of handling this.

It should also be able to handle completed versions like the roadmap page.

Output as PDF should be supported, not just CSV.

The selection criteria is not displayed on the results page. Adding a title line, e.g. spent time for the last week/between X and Y, sorted by Target Version then by Assigned To. That title should be in the CSV or PDF output too.

Also the language options here should be consistent. See #7768. e.g. 'member' versus 'Assigned To' and 'Version' and 'Target Version'.

Also available in: Atom PDF