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20:21 Redmine Defect #10527 (Closed): time_spent does not sort properly for this case
The highlighted issue was opened and had time allocated against it. Then someone added a sub task to it and time was ... Gerry Hawkins
19:37 Redmine Feature #10526 (New): add link for update number in time_entries page
When looking at the time entries page having a quick link back to the particular entry for which the time is associat... Gerry Hawkins


20:58 Redmine Open discussion: demo version update to 1.4?
Greetings, claims to be running 1.3.1.devel.8860.
Could it be updated with the 1.4. bu...
Gerry Hawkins


17:05 Redmine Defect #10454 (New): searching for issues using the updated filter not working as expected
I am searching with this filter:
issues updated between Jan-01-10 and Dec-31-10
to find issues that had some act...
Gerry Hawkins


20:00 Redmine Feature #10378 (Closed): Don't show empty fields in email notifications
I think I would like to see the option to not have empty issue fields included in email notifications. There are some... Gerry Hawkins
19:57 Redmine Feature #10377 (New): newly created issues do not include parent information
(using 1.3.0)
A new issue with a parent does not report that in the email notification.
Gerry Hawkins


17:18 Redmine Defect #10349 (Resolved): assignee incorrectly set on duplicate of issue
Actually this is user error. The assignment was handled due to category defaults. My mistake. Gerry Hawkins
16:03 Redmine Defect #10349 (Closed): assignee incorrectly set on duplicate of issue
via right click, duplicate a ticket
change some fields (subject, status, assignee, target and a couple of others )
Gerry Hawkins
16:45 Redmine Feature #10351 (New): preview of a duplicate only shows the description
the preview of a ticket that is being duplicated only shows the description. With the ability to change other values ... Gerry Hawkins
16:34 Redmine Feature #10350 (Closed): Bulk copy should allow for changing the target version
I would like to be able to change the target version as part of a bulk copy. Gerry Hawkins

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