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Mysql 5.5.x doesn't seem to be supported under Mac OS X

Added by Anonymous over 12 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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It took me a while to figure that out but mysql 5.5.x is not supported.
I downgraded to mysql 5.1.59 and that worked ok.

Maybe RedmineInstall at least should mention this because I looked at the support forum and more people are running into this issue.

I was running Redmine 1.2.1 mysql 5.5.x (64-bit) MacOS X 10.7.1

but this 5.5.59 worked.

Also redmine install notes should include how to install gem mysql on these platforms:

sudo env ARCHFLAGS="-arch x86_64" gem install mysql --no-rdoc --no-ri -- --with-mysql-config=/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_config

or for Postgresql

sudo env ARCHFLAGS="-arch x86_64" gem install pg

Replace x86_64 with i386 for 32-bit version of those databases installed.

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Updated by Etienne Massip over 12 years ago

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Updated by Dave Carlton over 12 years ago

FWIW, as I just finished installing redmine 1.2.2 onto a 10.7.2 server I notice from my bash history I simply used:
sudo gem install pg

Attached is a list of my bash history as related to getting redmine 1.2.2 running with 10.7.2 server. Maybe it might help some poor lost soul.

    6  sudo gem install -v=0.4.2 i18n
    7  sudo port deactivate gem
    8  sudo port uninstall gem
    9  sudo gem install -v=0.4.2 i18n
   10  rm /opt/local/bin/gem
   11  sudo rm /opt/local/bin/gem
   12  sudo gem install -v=0.4.2 i18n
   17  port install gem
   24  port search gem
   25  port install rb-rubygems
   26  port -f activate rb-rubygems
   27  port -f activate rb-rubygems @1.3.7_0+ruby
   28  which gem
   36  gem -V
   37  gem -v
   49  gem install rails
   53  gem install rails -v=2.3.11
   54  gem install rack -v=1.1.0
   55  gem install fastthread
   57  gem install passenger
   59  gem install rake
  465  gem install -v=0.4.2 i18n
  476  gem install pg

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Updated by Jean-Baptiste Barth about 11 years ago

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It seems mysql 5.5 is now installed by default on Mountain Lion (at least I don't remember having installed it ; but maybe I did it inadvertently with brew), so I'll close this issue. Feel free to reopen if I'm wrong. Thanks.


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