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WIKI macro to insert database query result as wiki table

Added by Felix Sendino about 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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This is a tool very useful for us and is implemented in Attlasian Confluence
In essence you can write any "SELECT" query and confluence
It's very useful to integrate inventary and CMDB information anywhere in redmine.
With a tool like REDMINE would become very ITIL'friendly as it would be use as
project, cmdb , kb, and issues portal
Our idea would be to insert cmdb tables into redmine's mysql and to publish tables from it.
To insert query's as wiki tables gives a lot of flexibility.


#1 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 11 years ago

This kind of macro would be pretty easy to write but totally unsafe.

#2 Updated by Felix Sendino about 11 years ago

I understand, it is solved in confluences as you define the query on a datasource, so the administrator can control which tables are visible to the querys.
I think it could be solved in a similar way, maybe accesing to a parallel database ad-hoc for the macro.
Or you could make the macro add a prefix to the table names, so only this tables would be accesible and it would depend on system-level setup

Jean-Philippe Lang wrote:

This kind of macro would be pretty easy to write but totally unsafe.

#3 Updated by Benny The Bouncer about 11 years ago

This would be extremely useful.

Having moved from trac to Redmine recently the one thing I'm missing is this kind of expert mode. People with database expertise are overly restricted in Redmine. As an example, we had a closed issues report grouped by calendar week descending. Same goes for the images width.

Re security concerns - why not distinguish between private and public projects? Let users decide (within limits) how restrictive their installation should be.

#4 Updated by Felix Sendino almost 11 years ago

Anyway, could this be written as a plugin, (just as "wiki extensions")
so you could enable it per-project and this way restrict security
If so, could you point us to the code (we are no rails experts)?

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