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Add/change email notification informations

Added by Dino Amoruso over 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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When a mail is sent by redmine mailer, for instance on 'New Issue' event, redmine send the email by following this email's subject format:

issue.project.name - issue.tracker.name issue.id (issue.status.name) issue.subject

I would like to customize it with subtask subject, that is, if I've a gerarchic structure like this:
Project --> Task --> SubTask

when a 'New Issue' event is triggered on subtask, the email doesn't have got the task' subject (parent) but only project name (first level) and subtask id (third level).
I hope it is a valid new feature for you. I searched for it but I found nothing.
Best regards


#1 Updated by Daniel Albuschat over 10 years ago

This is definitely useful. You'd often use generic names for subtasks, such as "Writing documentation". An e-mail notification like "Status of task 1234 "Writing documentation" changed" is not quite helpful, since you don't know documentation of what has been written.
A subject like "Status of task 1234 "Writing documentation" (subtask of "Electric heater") has changed" or anything like this is much more helpful.

#2 Updated by François Bélingard over 9 years ago

This would be very useful.
In addition, I think it would be nice to customize the email subject.

#3 Updated by Francewhoa (Francois Carpentier) over 9 years ago

+1 for this

Any volunteer for a patch or a modules? I would be happy to contribute testing and documentations.

I would remove the "status" item in the email notification subject line

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