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32470 Redmine Defect Closed LDAP authentication is broken due to r18692 2019-11-16 11:33 LDAP Actions
26564 Redmine Defect Closed Enumerations sorting does not work 2017-07-30 18:32 Administration Actions
25794 Redmine Defect Closed Mass-deleted attachments are not represented correctly in email notifications 2017-05-27 10:53 Issues Actions
1212 Redmine Defect Closed Get Error When viewing all the issues 2017-01-16 12:56 Actions
19569 Redmine Defect Closed Field permissions not working properly with inherited memberships 2015-04-25 09:45 Permissions and roles Actions
19316 Redmine Defect Closed CustomField#possible_values may raise undefined method `force_encoding' error 2015-03-14 16:03 Custom fields Actions
1926 Redmine Feature Closed Issues identifiers 2014-08-23 19:07 Actions
15427 Redmine Defect Closed REST API POST and PUT broken 2013-12-01 05:15 REST API Actions
15561 Redmine Defect Closed Download redmine 2.3.4 from rubyforge doesnt work 2013-11-29 00:14 Website ( Actions
12087 Redmine Defect Closed no such file to load -- timecop 2012-10-12 18:02 Ruby support Actions
12059 Redmine Defect Closed Parent task update displays hierarchical issue by default on top 2012-10-10 19:32 Database Actions
11975 Redmine Defect Closed Undefined status transitions allowed in workflow (author of issue changes when selecting a new status) 2012-09-29 18:31 Issues workflow Actions
1071 Redmine Defect Closed Wiki/News/Documents truncate contents to 64K in MYSQL 2012-05-03 08:08 Database Actions
10135 Redmine Defect Closed ActionView::TemplateError (can't convert Fixnum into String) 2012-03-05 13:46 Projects Actions
10040 Redmine Defect Closed Création de projet : dans un nouveau projet on retrouve tous les tickets des autres projets alors qu'il n'est pas sous projet 2012-01-22 09:51 Projects Actions
9673 Redmine Defect Closed Angle brackets within 'pre' blocks are silently replaced by named HTML entities during wiki section-edit 2011-11-29 21:41 Wiki Actions
7231 Redmine Defect Closed "Help" link not working 2011-01-05 13:02 Website ( Actions
1404 Redmine Patch Closed Raise wiki content page size 2010-10-15 02:34 Wiki Actions
5426 Redmine Defect Closed Tag 0.9.4 in SVN 2010-05-03 18:28 Actions
5287 Redmine Defect Closed Subtask feature is not working 2010-04-10 11:07 Actions
1887 Redmine Defect Closed PluginTutorial typo 2008-09-11 17:26 Actions
1585 Redmine Defect Closed If timezone is set in an user, a exception is raised. 2008-07-05 09:42 Actions
1379 Redmine Defect Closed Error in sending email notifications: (no implicit conversion to float from nil) 2008-06-08 21:27 Email notifications Actions
947 Redmine Feature Closed Timelog hours field format 2008-04-04 09:02 Time tracking Actions
5490 Redmine Feature Closed Option for independent subtask priority/start date/due date/done ratio 2021-10-19 16:53 Issues Actions
28882 Redmine Defect Confirmed GDPR compliance 2021-05-11 05:59 Website ( Actions
33434 Redmine Defect Closed sha256 checksum for downloads on download page is wrong 2020-05-12 12:45 Website ( Actions
27625 Redmine Patch Closed Increase maximum size for role name 2019-06-20 15:59 Permissions and roles Actions
30042 Redmine Feature Closed Update Rails to 2018-12-07 09:03 Rails support Actions
30043 Redmine Feature Closed Update Rails to 4.2.11 2018-11-28 21:23 Rails support Actions
25726 Redmine Defect Closed Issue details page shows default values for custom fields that aren't actually set 2018-09-23 10:27 Custom fields Actions
1965 Redmine Defect Closed Redmine is not Tab Safe 2017-06-08 14:33 UI Actions
25634 Redmine Defect Closed Highlight language aliases are no more supported 2017-06-07 21:35 Text formatting Actions
25590 Redmine Patch Closed prevent deadlocks in attachment deduplication 2017-04-13 14:10 Attachments Actions
22600 Redmine Feature Closed Add warning when loosing data from custom fields when bulk editing issues 2017-01-18 15:52 Issues Actions
24509 Redmine Defect Closed SSL Certificate expired for 2017-01-08 21:25 Website ( Actions
23377 Redmine Defect Closed Don't show "status" field when creating a new version 2016-08-31 19:27 Roadmap Actions
23246 Redmine Defect Closed Saving an empty Markdown image tag in Wiki pages causes internal server error 2016-07-10 09:48 Text formatting Actions
22123 Redmine Defect Closed Totals cannot be removed completely if some columns are set in the global settings 2016-06-15 10:18 Issues filter Actions
22489 Redmine Defect Closed Browsing to results in HTTP 403 Forbidden error 2016-04-13 18:22 Website ( Actions
22108 Redmine Defect Closed Issues filter for CSV Export are not applied 2016-03-13 09:02 Issues filter Actions
21382 Redmine Defect Closed Watcher deletion of inactive user not possible for non-admin users 2015-12-06 11:45 Issues Actions
16948 Redmine Defect Closed Broken anonymous repository access for public projects with Apache 2.4 ( 2015-12-04 13:47 SCM extra Actions
21379 Redmine Defect New Plugin author is not able to delete plugin versions 2015-11-29 23:37 Website ( Actions
21000 Redmine Defect Closed An unbalanced closing pre or code tag results in undefined method `casecmp' for nil:NilClass 2015-11-12 04:39 Text formatting Actions
8929 Redmine Feature Closed Permission to view only your own time logs 2015-11-03 09:38 Time tracking Actions
20688 Redmine Feature Closed Add Total estimated hours column on issue list 2015-10-26 03:26 Issues Actions
20929 Redmine Feature Closed Raise maximum length of LDAP filter 2015-10-21 21:00 LDAP Actions
20512 Redmine Patch Closed Project.copy_from deletes enabled_modules on source 2015-09-12 14:49 Projects Actions
19842 Redmine Defect Closed User allowed to manage public queries in any project, can create public query visible to everyone for ALL projects 2015-07-05 12:34 Issues Actions
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